Has Frank Williams found his own Hamilton?

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Last month Frank Williams told the press:

Hamilton is still a baby, so to speak, but dishing out loads of trouble already. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I cry he’s not in a Williams but I rejoice for F1. I really do.

But the Williams boss may already have found his own answer to Britain’s newest star.

Malaysian driver Jazeman Jaafar had a test in Williams’ F1 simulator. A real life test in an actual car was out of the question, since Jaafar is just 14 years old.

To date only one Malaysian driver has competed in Formula 1 – Alex Yoong, in 2001 and 2002. This year Fairuz Fauzy is a test drier for Spyker-Ferrari.

Jaafar did benefit from some useful backers to land the virtual test – the deputy CEO of Williams sponsor AirAsia accompanied him to the team’s Grove headquarters. But he has also shown promise on the track, scoring two wins and a second in the first four rounds of the Asian Formula BMW championship.

Snatching a bright young talent from under the noses of his former engine supplier BMW is exactly the sort of move that would put a broad smile on Williams’ face.

But that’s nothing compared to how proud he would be to land the next Lewis Hamilton.

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