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Having claimed 2006 GP2 champion Lewis Hamilton for his Formula 1 team, Ron Dennis is not impressed with this year’s crop of racers in the F1 feeder series:

“I don’t feel it is a particularly competitive field this year… Bruno Senna and Timo Glock should probably share the races out between them. I cannot see any young talent coming out of the category this year.

It’s certainly more difficult to pinpoint exactly who are the biggest talents in this year’s series. Two years ago it was all about Nico Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen and Nelson Piquet Jnr – last year it was the latter and Hamilton.

This season has not been helped by the absence of BMW’s golden boy Sebastian Vettel whose mentor Mario Thiessen chose to place him in the Renault World Series instead. Perhaps because that’s the route his current driver Robert Kubica took.

For me the stand out GP2 driver so far this season is Glock. But then he really should be, given that he’s raced in F1 and Champ Car already. What’s particularly interesting is how poorly ex-F1 racers Antonio Pizzonia and Giorgio Pantano have fared in the first four races.

Does GP2 have too many ex-F1 drivers?
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