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Among this week’s press was a brilliant interview with Damon Hill in which he talks candidly about the loss of his father Graham and how he came to terms with it.

Plus construction work at Spa is delayed by rain, the farming techniques of an ex-world champion, and a new F1 magazine.

Damon overtakes his demons – Damon Hill on the day his dad died and the pressures of being a Grand Prix driver.

Malaysia may host night Formula One races as part of new contract – Sepang and Singapore may both be night races in the future.

Revised Singapore GP route is a better one – expert – The Singapore track is still evolving.

606 David Croft column – Michael Schumacher’s return is not entirely welcome for Kimi Raikkonen.

F1 laughing stock: Button and Barrichello play second fiddle to their second string’s second-hand car – Embarrassment for Honda as Super Aguri lead them in the constructors’ championship.

Scheckter applies F1 approach to farming – 1979 champion Jody is supplying his organic produce to the Honda team.

Bernie and the F1 ‘family tree’ – A new F1 magazine starts up and is already getting up Bernie Ecclestone’s nose.

Spa refurbishment delayed by rain – The problems for the construction of the circuit, which returns to the F1 calendar this year, are not thought to be present a threat to the September Grand Prix.

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