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An interesting interview with Stirling Moss is our Post of the Week today.

Also the problems with street racing, the apparent lack of talent in GP2 this year, and why Felipe Massa’s blog is rubbish.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Stirling Moss speaks (Parts 1 & 2)

No Fenders collared the best driver never to win the F1 championship for a chat. Stirling Moss, one of the all-time greatest drivers, told them why he thinks modern F1 racing is too safe. You can read part two here.

More F1 in the blogs

Felipe Massa tanks Michael Schumacher after F1 victory in Spain – After Lewis Hamilton, the great talking point of the year so faris the transformation of Massa from unknown quantity to championship contenders. It’s doubtless Schumacher had a hand in it.

James Rossiter joins Super Aguri – Another British driver gets his foot in the F1 door.

Ecclestone cool on Imola return – Having just granted Spain a second Grand Prix will the F1 supremo do the same for Italy?

On giving the drivers a break – Formula 1 Latest knows that the best way to get a plug here is to lavish praise on F1Fanatic. Thanks guys!

Sing a song of pouring rain – Would a Singapore street race at night be abandoned in the event of rain?

Ron Dennis not impressed with GP2 field – The McLaren boss won’t be shopping for new drivers in GP2 this year despite having grabbed Hamilton from the series last season.

Will Seabass jump the small Champ Car pond?
– If the US racing star leaves Champ Car for F1 it will leave the series with a serious dearth of talent.

Top 10 Rookie Errors in Formula One(none of which have been committed by Lewis Hamilton) – He hasn’t screwed up yet, but if he does, this is how he’ll do it.

The Indy Awards – round 4 – Which drivers and teams lead the ‘independent’ F1 championships?

Is Formula One finally getting exciting? – The championship may be close but the racing really isn’t.

The curious case of Felipe Massa
– More on the Scuderia’s surprise star of 2007.

Of Raikkonen and unreliable cars – Kimi Raikkonen’s luck – at least with his F1 cars – continues to stalk him like a black rain cloud.

And finally… A word on the Felipe Massa blog. This has to be the most tedious F1 blog I’ve ever come across.

I doubt Massa has much to do with it beyond mumbling a few words to the Ferrari PR team. If he does, he should stick to the day job – it really can’t be that hard to make racing Ferraris for a living sound interesting.

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