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Rubens Barrichello reckons Honda have made a significant step forward with their recalcitrant 2007 car.

Plus Suzuka is tipped to make a return in 2008, Red Bull will run a special livery at the British Grand Prix, the cars of the turbo era, and more.

Barrichello claims half a second gain – Have Honda finally turned a corner with the stubborn RA107?

A return for Suzuka? – The 2008 calendar could be the biggest ever as it is now tipped to feature a second race in Japan.

Red Bull to face their fans – Want to get your face on an F1 car? Red Bull are selling squares on their livery for the British Grand Prix at ?ܣ10 each in a similar scheme to Honda’s Earth Car. The money raised will go to the Wings for Life foundation – a spinal paralysis charity.

Diamonds add to Monaco’s F1 sparkle – Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso get blinged up in McLaren’s now traditional Monaco diamond promotion.

Mario: Next Andretti in F1 can’t come soon enough – 1978 champion Mario Andretti wants grandson Marco in F1’s top flight as soon as possible.

Brazil’s lost world champion – Remembering Carlos Pace, the talented Brazilian racer of the ’70s after whom the Interlagos circuit is named.

Hidden Glory at the Green Hell – Did Nick Heidfeld really set a sub-6m lap of the Nordschleife? I’d take this with a pinch of salt.

1,400hp F1 turbo monsters – The greatest cars of F1’s turbo era.

Moss: Jenson’s time has passed – Stirling Moss on the four British F1 drivers.

Flying start for racer as promoter of equal opportunity
– Lewis Hamilton meets the children of the Springfield Club.

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