F1 in the blogs 29 – Driving Irvine’s Jaguar

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Jaguar 2000What’s it like to drive an F1 car? One blogger found out – check out our Post of the Week.

Plus Michael Schumacher’s final Ferrari sold, great F1 quotes and a lot of ranting.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

I span Eddie Irvine’s Jaguar

It’s not often you hear from someone who’s actually driven an F1 car – which makes this fascinating post worth reading. This lucky blogger got to try out Eddie Irvine’s 2000 Jaguar at the ex-F1 venue Anderstorp in Sweden.

Pardon me while I collapse on the floor, foaming at the mouth in a fit of jealousy.

More F1 in the blogs

Formula One Quotable Quotes I – Ayrton Senna – Rediscover Formula 1 kick off a new series on their favourite F1 quotes.

There’s no business like F1 – Are current driver salaries sustainable?

Hamilton will set ‘new standards’ – Is Lewis Hamilton the next step in ‘driver professionalism’ beyond Michael Schumacher? With only four races to his name it’s surely to early to say.

Formula 1 Blues – A Kimi Raikkonen fan is jaded at his favourite driver’s switch to Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2006, 2F1 cars net $6m at Ferrari auction – Michael Schumacher’s 2006 248 F1 was among the cars on sale.

Hope you’re all happy now – Qwerty at the Motor Racing Journal is vehemently opposed to Max Mosley’s latest plans for F1 – that’s the ones with the 2.2 litre V6 turbo engines that last for five races, etc…

Insert rant here – More ranting! This time, quite unusually, why the driver-facing camera on some F1 cars is rubbish. Can’t say I’m too worked up about that one myself.

F1 ING “index”…Monaco GP preview – Surely one of the strangest and worst-executed F1 promos I’ve ever seen, dug up by Slot Car News.

Branding is priceless – Another Singaporean hotly anticipating his country’s first Grand Prix.

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