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I couldn’t let it pass without remarking that The Sun has christened Lewis Hamilton ‘Our Lewis’.

Twelve months ago they didn’t know who he was – much less care. Now he’s ‘Our Lewis’, there’s papperazi outside his house and he’ll probably leave the country to get away from them.

But still to The Sun he’s ‘Our Lewis’. It doesn’t take long for them to go from ignorance to adulation. Vilification can’t be far off…

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5 comments on “Our Lewis”

  1. Oh dear. “Our Nige” has finally been supplanted by “Our Lewis”. Does this mean he will have to grow a funny moustache and move to the Isle of Man (well, he has been talking of moving, you know)?

  2. Do they still refer to Sir Henry Cooper as our ‘enry? Lewis Hamilton – national institution at 22.

  3. ‘OUR LEWIS’ is right, I mean, he is English!

  4. How does that make him “ours”? We don’t own him, they don’t own him.

  5. You were right – vilification wasn’t far off!

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