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F1Fanatic presents the first ever F1 Cool Wall.

Shamelessly ripped off from Top Gear the F1 Fanatic cool wall tells you what’s hot and what’s not in Formula 1. Ron Dennis, BMW, Jude Law and more are on the wall this time. Read on to find out where…

BMW – Sub-zero

Why? For letting a modern F1 car loose on the mighty Nurburgring Nordschleife for the first time since 1976.

Alexander Wurz – Cool

Why? For his storming drive in Monaco. He started 11th and finished seventh while team mate Nico Rosberg somehow slipped from fifth to 12th. Result.

Adrian Sutil – Cool

Why? Well first of all he’s the only 2007 rookie to be making his start the old-fashioned way, with a back of the grid team. And he’s doing a pretty good job – out-qualifying Christijan Albers 4-1 and also beating Ralf Schumacher and Takuma Sato last time out.

Never mind that he binned it in the race – that’s what real rookies do. Oh, and he plays piano…

Ron Dennis – Uncool

Why? For banning paddock rag The Red Bulletin from the McLaren Technology Centre because he doesn’t like, “the way it tries to make fun out of individuals from every team and their efforts to try and do a good job.” Geez, Ron, lighten up.

Monaco celebrities – Uncool
Represented above by Jude Law

Why? While the paying punters shell out a fortune for over-priced seats the – ahem – ‘great and the good’, meet the drivers, forget their names, give perfunctory and dull interviews to TV crews, then spend most of the race staring out into the harbour, wishing the cars weren’t so noisy.


Why? Honda have so bravely defined the art of uncool this year with their eco-warrior branding we’ve named the ‘seriously uncool’ section after them. Yes, it’s a worthy cause, but it’s not cool. Especially not when both your drivers get into the final phase of qualifying and have to do the ‘fuel burn’ thing. Now isn’t that just a little bit silly?

And what was up with their race strategy? Do they not understand the object of the exercise is to finish the race as quickly as possible?

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  1. Great idea Keith, loving it! Be sure to keep it up during the season.

  2. Nathan Jones
    30th May 2007, 13:16

    good idea to name “seriously uncool” after honda, but i’d have used “max mosley” because of his bringing back tc in 2011!
    banning it should be in “cooler than sub-zero” section!

  3. please add Massa to the uncool section re: your next post!

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