Debate: What’s your favourite F1 site?

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What other F1 websites do you view? Got any particular favourites?

Perhaps you run an F1 or motor racing site of your own – if you do, please post a comment below and tell us what’s on your site.

What are you waiting for – this is your chance for a free plug!

If you’ve not tried it out yet don’t miss our sister motor sport site Maximum Motorsport.

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13 comments on “Debate: What’s your favourite F1 site?”

  1. I blog at, till recently i was posting only news stories, but quickly i realised that people wont come to F1 blogs for news stories, they want more. Thats why i am trying to make the site more innovative by posting about controversies, F1 quotes, i recently posted a Gilles Villeneuve stamp i had. Apart from this regular programming such as normal news events are also shown on the blog.

    Thanks !

  2. Well I post on my blog SofaF1 with a number of others. It aims to be a funny / irreverent look at Formula 1. But we do try and debate and understand the issues too. We even have a resident Formula 1 newbie who we get to patiently explain things to. And it even gives you a random Murray Walker quote in the top right hand corner every time you take a look at the page. What more could you want?

  3. for news I go to and as in general these are quite reliable. is quite interesting if you want to get some biz point of view on F1. has a friendly forum without people abusing each other. And then of course some blogs, like this one here, or or sidepodcast. And then I blog myself too :-)

  4. I blog at with my 2 other friends. We do the usual Race weekend review and spice it up sometimes with an argument or two about our favorite drivers(It helps that we support different teams and drivers)

  5. Free publicity! Oh yeah, you know I’m here baby. I run; race reports, big news items, votes, debates, analysis, championship archives, team and driver bios, 600+ images of tracks from Google Earth (available as a free download) and a friendly bunch of lads and lasses leaving comments and opening up discussions.

    I’ll be checking out the sites listed above this evening, particularly SofaF1 – sounds intriguing.

  6. is the best, by far! Can’t believe I’m the first to mention it! ;)

  7. What is the correct way of putting hyperlinks up on this site?

  8. Hello. Good topic, it has given me some more blogs and sites to visit!

    For news I use for the reason that its rss feed provides quite a large chunk of the story without having to visit the source site.

    For blogging, I turn to (not including this site): Oliver White’s site Blog; and Sarah’s site But I am looking forward to reading some of the other sites suggested.

    I have also recently started blogging at my own site F1voice. I must admit I am new to blogging and would be very grateful for any feedback and advice on what makes a good blog.

  9. I have a fairly long list of sites that I visit each day. For news, I go to [a href=] Yahoo! Sport[/a] for the update speed, [a href=][/a] for the range of contributors (plus the A1GP news) and [a href=][/a] for the serious business-related F1 news.

    I am a member of three forums. [a href=]Spyker Fans Online[/a] is the internet’s best resource for Spyker fans, [a href=] Home of F1[/a] is good for serious discussion of general issues and [a href=]Formula 1 Home[/a] is a fun forum that discusses a large variety of F1 matters.

    Naturally I visit this blog every day, as well as [a href=][/a] and Clive’s site (he’s getting a new F1 blog soon, and I am looking forward to that). I also visit [a href=]Motorsports Ramblings[/a] towards the end of each week (there’s only one post a week, but it’s always worth reading).

    The latter hosts my own F1 blog, which is [a href=
    ]La Canta Magnifica Blog[/a]. It is growing quite quickly in terms of content. There is a mixture of lengthy commentary on F1 issues of the day, information on who is on what race engine, and my progress as a mediocre [a href=]BATRacer [/a]driver – which is the other F1 site on my “visit every day” list.

  10. Hey, while everyone else is at it, mine is over at ;)

  11. Hi !

    I read your articles with a fair bit of interest. I’m part of a community of F1 and motorsport fans called F1NGers – see to know a bit more about us and we’d love to have more people on the newsgroup. We don’t much prefer having to download whole pages to view just the content of an article and we’re old fogeys ;-) so we’ve stuck with old-school newsgroups (although there is a web interface too). Nice people, never hesitant to give an opinion and loads of fun.

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