F1 in the news 37: Safety car racers

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In the F1 news this week the safety car drivers that race each other every F1 weekend.

Plus the fallout from 2005 United States Grand Prix is still in the air, Lewis Hamilton’s little brother gets an F1 trophy, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed is coming up.

The speed freaks in F1’s safety car – Drivers Bernd Maylander and Jacques Tropenat race each other in F1’s safety support vehicles.

Lewis hand Monaco trophy to kid brother – With three second place F1 trophies on the mantlepiece already, Hamilton gave number four to brother Nicolas.

Hamilton to attend Goodwood Festival of Speed
– The rookie star along with Jenson Button, David Coulthard and Anthony Davidson gives the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June a full house of British F1 talent.

A bad day for the US fans – A legal challenge over the farcical 2005 United States Grand Prix is thrown out of court in America.

Irvine puzzled by Kimi’s lack of form
– One Ferrari number two who under-performed criticises another.

Formula One antics make a joke of racing – It’s one thing to criticise the mess McLaren made of the Monaco Grand Prix. But it’s a joke to claim NASCAR is any better – where ‘competition yellows’ are a regularity and drivers cause safety periods by chucking bits of their own cars onto the track.

Renault cannot be mere F1 participants, says CEO Ghosn – Renault chief Carlos Ghosn has seen his team take back-to-back double championships, but he still wants more. How long will they remain in F1 if their current performance continues?

Is axe hanging over Ralf? – The Toyota driver is under fire after a string of poor performances.

The best F1 car – And finally… Rate your favourite F1 car.

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