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Marco Andretti, Indianapolis 500, 2007There’s no F1 race this weekend but there’s a whole world of F1 alternatives to choose from.

The Indy car race at the Milwaukee Mile was traditionally held the weekend following the Indianapolis 500.

That tradition has been restored this year as the IRL cars return to Milwaukee this weekend – following the prestigious Indy 500 for the first time since 1995.

Indy Racing League, Milwaukee Mile

Indy car racing may be a pale shadow of what it was in the early ’90s. But the Indy Racing League has some talent and often very close racing.

One of two things might happened at the tight Milwaukee Mile bullring. We could see a tense, unpredictable battle for the lead enlivened by the constant traffic.

Or else Dan Wheldon might scoot off into the lead as he has done twice already this year at Miami and Kansas.

He needs to do something to strike back at Kiwi team mate Scott Dixon who is leading the title race despite not having won a race this year. Fernando Alonso will tell you how annoying that is for Wheldon.

World Touring Car Championship, Pau

The WTCC may be a tepid series compared to the more action-packed British series and much quicker German championship.

But seeing the substantial WTCC grid squeezed into the narrow confines of the Pau street track should make for plenty of action.

British Touring Car Championship

The British championship is at Croft this weekend for three more rounds of panel-smashing action.

A fascinating championship battle is developing between Seat’s Jason Plato and Vauxhall’s Fabrizio Giovanardi. The two have won eight of the nine rounds so far this year.

British Formula 3, Snetterton

Stephen Jelley, Alberto Valerio, British F3 Romania, 2007Back from a bruising round in Romania the fourth round of the British Formula 3 championship takes in the quick Snetterton track.

Last year Bruno Senna had a gigantic crash on the main straight which began the downfall of his title challenge. Marko Asmer leads with 108 points to Stephen Jelley’s 58 and even at this early stage of the season it’s hard to see anyone stopping him.

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