F1 in the blogs 30: McLaren and Hamilton

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Did McLaren make a mistake by running Lewis Hamilton this year? One blogger thinks so…

Plus the French Grand Prix is set to change venues, two world champions argue, and why Nico Rosberg is having a good season.

F1 Fanatics’ Post of the Week

Lewis Hamilton: Petulant child

A potentially controversial piece from Sidepodcast on why Gary Paffett should have got the 2007 McLaren drive instead of Lewis Hamilton. Should McLaren have gone for a less competitive driver than Hamilton?

I think passing up on a driver who has scored as many points as his double world champion team mate over the first five races would have been unwise.

More F1 in the blogs

Lewis Hamilton negotiating for $40m with Ferrari? – Will the golden boy quit McLaren is he keeps getting told to follow Alonso home?

Nico Rosberg – Looking beyond Hamilton last year’s promising rookie Nico Rosberg is having a good season.

No F1 for Volkswagen & Ford – Max Mosley may be gathering the input of manufacturers outside of F1 to shape its future – but that doesn’t mean they’re any more likely to get involved.

Formula 1 on Fox – British fans who don’t like ITV may be interested to hear the Americans aren’t much happier with their F1 coverage.

Monaco Grand Prix – No wonder nobody is interested in F1 any more & The Monte Carlo Parade – Sorry, “Grand Prix” – The 2007 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo was not the most scintillating race.

If Formula One boring? – The ‘dull debate’ continues.

Should team orders be allowed in Formula 1? – Former champions Alan Jones and Mario Andretti give their opinions.

Adieu Magny-Cours – 2007 could be F1’s last visit to the Circuit Nevers.

An hilarious moment of F1 d???j??? vu – Brad Spurgeon on Ferrari-only parking at Rascasse.

Bernie twists another government arm – Valencia is on for F1 – but what about Silverstone?

F1 Stamps: Gilles Villeneuve – Some rare commemorative Villeneuve stamps.

“We was robbed” – The British press throw their toys out of the pram as Hamilton is ‘prevented’ from winning.

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