BTCC Croft 2: Synchronised Seat finish

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Darren Turner, Seat, BTCC, Croft, 2007Jason Plato let team mate Darren Turner past within sight of the chequered flag to let his team mate score his first ever BTCC win. It came after Turner had earlier let Plato past to score the bonus point for leading a race.

Seat got their chance to manipulate the results after a chaotic race thinned out the field. Ten of the 23 starters failed to finish.

As in the first race, many incidents were caused or worsened by the tyre barriers placed on the inside of chicanes. Fabrizio Giovanardi finished sixth in a battered Vauxhall Vectra after colliding with Colin Turkington.

Independent Mike Jordan emerged from the carnage to score an excellent third in his Honda Integra.

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