BTCC Croft 3: Good luck for Giovanardi

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Fabrizio Giovanardi’s number came up when the grid was partially reversed for the third BTCC race at Croft.

It placed him fourth on the grid but with the slower cars of John George and Jason Hughes on the front row, and Tom Onslow-Cole alongside him. None provided any great challenge to the Italian, who was in the lead by lap three and disappeared off to a straightforward win.

There was some tight pack racing behind him though, notably between the two Seat drivers. Jason Plato braked too late for one corner, allowing team mate Darren Turner through in a move which, unlike their encounter in the second race, definitely wasn’t choreographed.

Plato lost further places after the move and finished eighth, which was not good news for his championship hopes. He has 127 points to Giovanardi’s 125, with Matt Neal falling further behind in third on 81.

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