WTCC Pau 2: Farfus wins under pressure

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Augusto Farfus was chased around every millimetre of the Pau circuit by team mate Andy Priaulx. The Briton had to settle for second – though it gives him the lead in the championship.

Although the start was fairly clean the racer was neutralised by an early safety car period. This followed a multi-car crash involving Luca Rangoni (who was able to continue), Stefano D’Aste, Olivier Tielemans, Sergio Hernandez, Emmet O’Brien and Miguel Freitas.

As the race restarted Priaulx resumed his pursuit of Farfus. Behind them third placed Jordi Gene was under attack – just as he had been in the first race. Felix Porteiro got past him at the hairpin and Tiago Monteiro and Rob Huff also squeezed through. But Porteiro damaged his car in the move and slithered off, letting Monteiro through to claim third.

Alessandro Zanardi made an optimistic move on James Thompson and tagged the Alfa Romeo. But Thompson clung on to the slide and stayed ahead, while Zanardi dropped into defensive mode to keep Jorg Muller behind.

Priaulx chased a jubilant Farfus across the line – the Brazilian thrilled to bounce back after his massive crash in qualifying.

Monteiro took third – the ex-F1 driver continuing his impressive touring car form – with Huff and Gene behind him. Yvan Muller finished sixth after fending race one winner Alain Menu – Menu lost seventh to James Thompson in the dying stages.

The result puts Priaulx ahead in the drivers’ title battle with 42 points – although he hasn’t won a race yet. Farfus is second on 40 (two wins). Jorg Muller failed to score in Pau and drops to third, still in 31. Yvan Muller is the leading non-BMW driver, fourth on 28.

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