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AOL put some downright weird choices into their ’50 greatest drivers’ list – check it out below.

Plus the first major interview with Lewis Hamilton and Mario Andretti previews the United States Grand Prix.

Greatest drivers ever – AOL’s top 50 racing drivers featuring some very peculiar choices. Also see the list of errors noted here.

The real deal – The Observer grabbed the long-awaited first exclusive interview with Lewis Hamilton. Plus Maurice Hamilton’s thoughts on the Monaco Grand Prix ‘scandal’.

Formula 1 versus the Olympics – Which is better value? I know which has a better logo…

Video: Renault drivers preview Montreal – Giancarlo Fisichella and Heikki Kovalainen on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – another great offering from Renault’s excellent website.

A different way of racing – and the foreigners invade – For those of you who like your F1 history on the old side of ancient – Grand Prix from the dawn of last century.

1978 World Champ Andretti Still Keeps Close Eye On F1 – Mario Andretti on Lewis Hamilton – and why he’s looking forward to the traction control ban.

New F1 tech for road cars – the mechanical kinetic energy recovery system – The company that’s building F1’s new green technologies.

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