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Want to win money betting on F1? Gamble on the safety car…

That’s the topic of our Post of the Week and there’s stacks more reading in our weekly F1 blogs digest.

There’s infamous Montreal marbles, Jarno Trulli’s one-off crash helmet, Scott Speed returning to his racing roots and more.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Canadian Slam

The safety car is a common sight at Montreal – so find the best price you can find on it making an appearance if you want to make a little money on the race.

More F1 in the blogs

Hamilton hangs it out – In praise of oversteer – Lewis Hamilton thrashing around the streets of Monaco was a sight to behold.

Alonso leading by 4? – We’ve had plenty of discussions at F1 Fanatic about whether the points system is fair. Here’s some more thoughts.

The Barcelona F1 Grand Prix – Spectating at Catalunya.

Kingfisher (International Ops) – Toyota’s airline sponsor has interesting plans – especially if you like the idea of watch live F1 in-flight.

I told you so Kimi – blah blah blah – Mika Hakkinen helpfully tells Kimi Raikkonen he shouldn’t have gone to Ferrari in the first place.

Most effective training is a simulator, and they are spreading into business – More on Mika, who reportedly broke his wrist in McLaren’s F1 simulator. Making virtual F1 potentially more dangerous than the real thing.

Glitz, Glam and Cam (shafts) – Scott Speed heads back to his alma mater – that’s the Jim Russell Racing School – for its 50 year anniversary.

Clifford: Hamilton can shine bright – PR Guru Max Clifford predicts big things for Lewis Hamilton.

Official Announcement by Singapore Gvt. – The government of Singapore will contribute money for a Grand Prix – no surprise there – and it is keen for it to be a night race.

The marbles of Montreal – Will we see the same strange twist at Montreal as last year? Or will the end of the tyre war prevent the race end the curse of the Montreal marbles? (See also our Canadian Grand Prix preview).

Trulli to honour friend with pink helmet – Jarno Trulli will use a one-off helmet design in support of fellow Pescaran Danilo di Luca, a professional cyclist.

Spyker in trouble? – The parent company of the F1 minnows have had to mortgage their own name.

DC defends McLaren’s Monaco strategy – Former McLaren driver David Coulthard thinks there was nothing wrong with Ron Dennis’s managing of the Fernando Alonso-Lewis Hamilton one-two.

Prediction – Ferrari fights back! – The Scuderia look strong ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

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