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ITV’s introduction to the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying seriously misrepresented the reality of McLaren’s Monaco Grand Prix strategy.

The British media kicked up a stink after the Monaco race insisting that McLaren had deliberately ordered Lewis Hamilton to stay behind Fernando Alonso.

The truth about the scenario emerged over a week ago. But ITV’s opening piece by pit lane reported Ted Kravitz appeared to intentionally ignore the role the safety car played in McLaren’s thinking.

ITV clearly want to get the most out of popular interest in Formula 1 growing because of Hamilton.

The introductory piece about Hamilton and Alonso made no mention of the fact that McLaren brought Hamilton in early to avoid his race being ruined should the safety car have been brought on track.

Quite comically, the piece was followed by interviewed with several driver who, to a man, insisted that Hamilton was not hard done by.

It’s very disappointing to see Britain’s F1 broadcaster abuse their position in this way to add to the tabloid hype about Hamilton.

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12 comments on “ITV lying about Lewis”

  1. It really has come to a point now, where I would expect nothing less from ITV.

    I’m watching it, but I am not believing a single word they say.

  2. This is the problem with ITV. They don’t see the fact that there is more than 1 person driving in F1. All they see is the Hamilton hype along with the biased coverage they are providing. They did not show what happened with Jarno Trulli along with most of the practise session’s highlights. Alonso’s words have returned for me, “F1 is not a sport.”

  3. SpeedTV gave the Americans a fair and full view of the Canadian qualifying sessions with no hype even of the lone American driver, Scott Speed. I am ashamed to hear of the depths to which ITV has sunk in its pandering to media hype. Bernie should give the rights back to the Beeb.

  4. It is a crying shame that most of the British media has sunk this low. They do not do the sport any good with this kind of sensationalist reporting, and I feel sorry for the new fans who may not understand better and take ITVs words as fact.

  5. Luckily I missed this as I made sure I only tuned in when qualifying actually started. I’ll do the same tomorrow – fire up the old telly just in time for Martin Brundle’s gridwalk & switch off just after the flag drops on the final car. I reckon I’ll do this for the rest of the season, too.

  6. I was shocked at ITV’s biased introduction to the qualifying session.

    I was highly amused, though, by one of the first things Martin Brundle said:

    “The Canadian fans remind me of British fans — they don’t just support the locals.”

    And with that one sentence, he took a pin prick to ITV’s hot air balloon.

  7. My goodness. Martin Brundle is single-handedly saving ITV’s F1 coverage from total Destruction with a capital D. Now imagine if he had to leave ITV commentary. What would happen then?

  8. It is fortunate that Martin Brundle is in the ITV commentary box, because it is quite plain that James Allen has got into his usual “let’s look at one or two drivers and ignore the rest” mode and the presentation crew are trying to turn F1 into the Lewis Hamilton Show (hence why I felt no need to watch the programme yesterday of the same name – it would have been a repeat anyway!)

    Fortunately, many of ITV’s viewers will have internet access and therefore not believe such nonsense. But they are setting a bad example to the tabloids (and I think the pattern is working that way round at the moment) by ignoring reality.

  9. I don’t think anyone needs to set an example to the tabloids – but you’re quite right. This kind of nonsense just feeds into itself after a while.

  10. Brundle is simply the best ITV have, he’s honest and actually knows what he’s talking about. Allen however just rabbits on like a moron and is happy to suck up the whoever is the best at the time – he did it with Schumacher and is doing it with Hamilton now.

    Great race though and I hope Kubica is back and racing soon – very lucky man.

  11. God! I WISH someone would start a petition to get rid of james allen, what a twerp he is so false and pretentious. it really spoils my F1 experience listening to him for an hour and a half. why the hell is he there with so many other talented commentators out there, I guess he knew the right people! Tony Jardine was the man Martin Brundle is a dude! do ITV really care what the viewers think? I don’t think so if they did we would have some real characters with martin. as Bludell he needs english lessons, “like what he brung along with him” type comments really grate with me.

  12. There’s been dozens of petitions to get rid of Allen. But to no avail.

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