F3 Euro Brands 2: Mortara cruises home

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Edoardo Mortara and Sebastien Buemi lined up first and second on the grid, and sure enough that was the order they came home in.

This was to take nothing away from a fine performance by the Signature-Plus driver. But there was little in the way of excitement – at least not until after the chequer when Mortara treated the crowd to a series of burnouts.

The rookie – in only his second year of racing cars – is also the first Italian to win a round of the F3 Euroseries.

Buemi extended his championship lead. He described the race as “boring” and said the series should race on the Grand Prix circuit instead. It was hard to disagree.

The biggest surprise in a quiet F3 Euroseries race at Brands Hatch was race one winner Romain Grosjean’s failure to finish after an early collision that brought out the safety car.

Third place went to Kamui Kobayashi who made an exceptional start from sixth on the grid. Yelmer Buurman was fourth ahead of Tim Sandtler, Nico H????lkenberg, Yann Clairay and James Jakes.

Jakes achieved one of the few passes of the race: The Manor Motorsport driver edged around the outside of Tom Dillman at the exit of Paddock and squeezed him out on the run into Druids.

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