Is DTM too big for Brands Hatch Indy?

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I’ll be at Brands Hatch this afternoon for the DTM race. I was there for the series first race at the short Kent track last year and it was a good event – with one problem.

The track is too small for the cars.

The wide, powerful DTM racers look spectacular as the plunge down the first turn at Paddock Hill, but there’d no chance for them to pass on the run into Druids.

Nor is there room enough at Graham Hill (where Jamie Green went off last year while leading). In touring car series like the BTCC the Surtees/Clearways combination offers the chance for drivers to lean on each other and create room for racing – but the DTM cars can’t do that.

It might suit the cars better to race the full Grand Prix track, as the WTCC and A1 Grand Prix does.

But I wonder if the series would suit a different MotorSport Vision circuit better.

I made my first visit to Snetterton last weekend. Its long straight and tight, tricky corners would be better for racing in the DTM. But, as ever at Snetterton, the problem could well be that the pit straight isn’t wide enough.

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