Murray Walker to make BBC F1 commentary return?

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Murray Walker has been tipped to front the BBC’s coverage of the European Grand Prix at the N??rburgring this year on Radio 5 Live. Regular commentator David Croft is expected to be away.

The veteran commentator ended his full-time commentating career in 2001 at the United States Grand Prix. Since then he has commentated on the Australian Grand Prix for Channel Ten as well as some Grand Prix Masters events.

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5 comments on “Murray Walker to make BBC F1 commentary return?”

  1. If this does indeed happen then i might tune into 5 live and listen to that commentary instead of James Allen wittering on and on.

  2. That would be lovely – Murray Walker is the best commentator I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, and it will be a treat for relatively young people like me to hear how good he sounds on radio.

  3. Is there any way I can listen to Murry during or after races while living in the USA? I loved him in my F1 video game way back in the Playstation one days. But I have never been privileged to listen to him do an actual race. I wouldn’t mind rewatching a race just to hear his commentary. Any help would be appreciated but I know it will be hard as heck to stream him during a race. Thank you.

    1. He’s not doing live commentary during the races any more, so I’m afraid Youtube’s your best bet!

    2. Ahh yes…Youtube. I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.

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