Debate: Was that a good race?

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Was the Canadian Grand Prix a good example of how F1 racing should be?

There were crashes galore, confusing safety car rules that put the faster drivers in among the minor men, and a fair bit of overtaking.

But should F1 be resorting to ‘gimmicky’ rules to spice up the show? Perhaps you thought the Canadian Grand Prix was just a crash-fest with no real racing merit?

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10 comments on “Debate: Was that a good race?”

  1. I dont know about gimmicks, but I thought it was the most exciting and interesting race for a long time – and not even JUST because Hamilton won.

  2. Sato passing Alonso! and he did it fairly, granted Alonso was having issues all day but still the “B” team Honda passed a McLaren in a series where passing is a rarity.

    Best race I have ever seen. If there was ever a time to have a 2 week break this would be it, there will still be stories swirling around by the time the USGP starts.

  3. It certainly was the most interesting race of the year so far. A lot going on, a lot to talk about and thankfully no major injuries.

    As for it being good race, well there was some good clean overtaking, especially from teams that you wouldn’t expect like Sato, which made it good to watch, but I’m not sure there was really a great deal of actual racing. Positions were governed by the incidents which is why drivers ended up in positions they would not normally be seen in.

    For me it was the most interesting race so far, but I’d still like to see a bit more actual racing. Sato provided most of that in the latter stages which was great.

  4. Ha, I forgot Sato passed Alonso :-D That was great, we all sat screaming at the TV.

  5. My answer is yes and no – as per my post today. I linked to this one, Keith, but my new blog doesn’t do automatic trackback so I’m having to do it manually. Here’s the link:

    Mad is working on auto trackback but apparently it’s a pig…

  6. Hmmmm, this one is post-specific:

    Sorry about that – still learning the ins and outs of the new blog.

  7. the race was entertaining with overtaking, crashes, confusion and fun. we had race live from 1am in the night and my phone kept buzzing with messages from friends non stop till the end of race. seeing Sato overtaking Alonso, that was the cherry on the pie :-)

    do not want to see all the races decided by safety cars and stewards, but from time to time, why not. or bring on some rain :-)

  8. I love to watch a train wreck (see HONDA F1) and Super Aguri took care of that for me last year, but I realized that I literally jumped out of my seat when Sato made that pass stick on Alonso. I haven’t done that in some time.

  9. It’s a nice picture to look at: Hamilton cruising to the checker, while Alonso gets passed by Sato AROUND THE OUTSIDE of the final chicane.

    You’re telling me they had the same car? Sure didn’t seem like it.

  10. Nathan Jones
    12th June 2007, 9:39

    alonso’s car was damged from his many trips over the grass at turn one so no it wasnt the same.\
    but what we all want to see is overtaking and there will always be races like that oen so it’s all gewd.
    u’ll still get the odd boring one but not all of them bar 1-3 each yr!

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