What the papers said: Hamilton’s first win

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Say what you like about Lewis Hamilton – it’s a joy to see the morning’s newspapers bursting with Formula 1 coverage.

And some of it isn’t scream-till-you’re-hoarse hyperbole – there are some great pieces, especially in The Times and The Guardian.

What a contrast it makes with the trash that was written after Monaco. Here are some of the highlights:

“Watching Hamilton as he set about driving away from the best gave me the same feeling as I got when watching [Ayrton] Senna – a sense of man utterly serene in his sense of his own destiny, a certainty that victory is inevitable, that life really can’t work itself out in any other way.” Simon Barnes, The Times

“The grandson of an immigrant from Grenada stood on the threshold of becoming a 21st century icon.” Tony Brooks, Daily Express

“They say after a first win the floodgates open. Lewis Hamilton’s rivals had better man the lifeboats.” Kevin Garside, The Daily Telegraph

“The national anthem blared and tears were wept as Lewis Hamilton drove into history.” Jonathan McEvoy, Daily Mail

“Hamilton drove serenely on in pursuit of his odyssey, and he did so under the presiding ghost of Gilles Villeneuve, the most iconic and possibly the fastest racing driver of all, to take an eight-point lead in the drivers’ championship.” Paul Weaver, The Guardian

“Hamilton drove with metronomic consistency.” James Allen, The Financial Times

“The Hamilton Express has arrived and Andy Murray is going to to have to win Wimbledon to displace him as Britain’s sporting sensation of the year.” Edward Gorman, The Times

“Like such great champions as Juan Manuel Fangio and Jim Clark, in whose tyre tracks he appears destined to follow, he has clearly decided that the least problematic way to win a race is from the front.” Richard Williams, The Guardian

“Super Brit Hamilton, 22, clinched victory in an incident-packed Canadian Grand Prix ????" and immediately set his sights on the world title.” Michael Spearman, The Sun

“It took Tony Brooks four races to win a grand prix, Jackie Stewart eight. And now, Lewis Hamilton six. Assuredly, this is only the start for the new world championship leader.” David Tremayne, The Independent.

“ITV1’s failure to cover qualifying live suggests their commitment to Hamilton and sport is as paper thing as a piece of paper bearing the latest ratings.” Alan Fraser, Daily Mail

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4 comments on “What the papers said: Hamilton’s first win”

  1. Well-said by the press. Not to mention criticism of ITV. Ahhh, life can’t be better.

  2. Hey Keith,

    Just read your comment. Thanks for writing.

    I especially appreciate hearing the perspective of a non-American. It’s a refreshing view indeed.

    In the U.S., there’s little talk about Hamilton. I’d argue there should be more, considering how much press Patrick receives.

    It’s very reassuring to hear the views of other intelligent people. Thanks for reaffirming my belief that my writing can get people’s attention.

    Your site’s awesome!

  3. Cheers Nick, really glad you like the site! It’ll be interesting to see if F1 gets much more press attention in the US if Hamilton wins this weekend…

  4. I doubt that a Hamilton victory in the USGP would make much difference. But if Scott Speed were to win…

    Come to think of it, that would make headlines worldwide, wouldn’t it?

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