Sebastien Vettel replaces Robert Kubica at Indianapolis

2007 United States Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, BMW, 2007Nineteen year-old Sebastian Vettel will make his Grand Prix debut in the United States Grand Prix this weekend.

He will take Robert Kubica’s place in the BMW squad as the Pole was refused permission from the FIA doctors to race following his 182 mph crash in the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend.

Vettel is a protege of BMW boss Mario Theissen – many have likened their relationship to that between Ron Dennis and Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel currently leads the World Series by Renault driving for the Carlin team, but isn’t racing again in the series until the Hungarian round on July 14th.

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5 comments on “Sebastien Vettel replaces Robert Kubica at Indianapolis”

  1. Feel sorry for Kubica, but at the same time I think this is very sensible decision by FIA.

  2. I think they should have put Glock in the car.

  3. if, kubica raced and was to suffer another concussion, it could be incredibly dangerous to his long term helath so i feel it is a good decision

  4. I’m no doctor, but Vettel looks a lot better now he’s had his hair cut:


  5. Very sensible decision from the FIA, they do make them sometimes! Good luck to Vettel in the race on Sunday Hope Kubica’s back racing soon

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