F1 in the news 39: No Lewis Hamilton edition

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Lewis Hamilton’s rise to power in F1 has been stunning this year, but many are finding the media sensationalism a bit much to handle.

So here’s our antidote – Ten top stories from the press looking at other aspects of F1.

New car looms from McLaren F1 creator – Ex-Brabham and McLaren designer Gordon Murray to build an ultra-efficient road car?

Paying to play in F1 – How much does it cost to get started in motor racing? If you’ve not read this sort of article before you’re likely to wince in pain…

Tobacco trooper smokes out illegal F1 memorabilia – Tobacco advertising restrictions are ruining the trade in motor sport collectibles.

Massa reaps fast benefit as Schumacher becomes Svengali of the prancing horse – Michael Schumacher hasn’t strayed far from Formula 1.

F1 priest’s car-dodging days are over – Four years after he almost ruined the British Grand Prix at Silverstone a religious lunatic finally gets banned from sporting events.

A knighthood for Bernie? – Stranger things have happened.

Organisers looking to keep F1 in Indianapolis – Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix contract runs out this year. But where will it go next?

“I’m excited about tomorrow” – Interview with David Coulthard.

F1 would be mega biz in India – Indian Grand Prix in 2009? They’ve got two years to get the track ready and they’re already behind on their Commonwealth Games plans so I’ll believe it when I see it.

The (McLaren) Empire Strikes Back – Another of Steve Matchett’s fantastic technical reviews, this time looking at McLaren.

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2 comments on “F1 in the news 39: No Lewis Hamilton edition”

  1. That’s two excellent articles from the US’s SpeedTV – I am impressed with how good a service they provide, particularly when I read about ITV’s failings at the moment. It really is time that Bernie recognised the brilliant job SpeedTV are doing to further F1 in the States and started to help them in that endeavour, rather than undermining F1’s popularity every year with his childish screams for more money.

  2. Bernie recognize ANYTHING that’s good? Consider this recent quote: “It is not vital to Formula One to be in the United States,” Ecclestone told told the Daily News. What he really means is it’s not vital for HIS Formula One Management company to be in the USA, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have each asked for two races here, for them it their major market! Instead we get a street race in India!

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