Have you been to the United States Grand Prix?

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We’re looking for Grand Prix fans who’ve been to the United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to tell us about their experiences.

Plus, read the comments of other people who’ve been to the United States Grand Prix.

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2 comments on “Have you been to the United States Grand Prix?”

  1. No idea about US one but I have seen Istanbul GP, incredible one! I would like to see Silverstone most, though! Nice blog! ;)

  2. Richard Roberts
    20th August 2007, 21:16

    I have attended 7 of the 8 usgp’s at Indy. I am originally from Indy so going back was like going home. I enjoyed everyrace, even with the miss-haps. I would go for the full event, Thursday thru Sunday. I was always awesome. I have taken my sons to several and this year brought one of there friends who has never seen an F1 race and knew nothing about it. After the weekend he was hooked and went out and bought the PS3 game and started watching races. It is very sad to me that it will not continue. I looked forward to it every year. I don’t understand why Bernie has to be so greedy. And now I see that IMS is changing the track for the motorcycles, why couldn’t they have done that for the F1 guys? One thing great about the usgp at Indy is if you go for the practices and qualifying you can sit in different places to enjoy all of the sections of the course, and most anywhere, except the main stretch, you can see a large portion of the track. We always sat on the grass berm just before the back stretch.

    I will greatly miss the usgp.

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