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No F1 race this weekend? Who cares – it’s the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

But even if you can’t make it to Sussex there’s tons of racing action on TV – from touring cars to Indy racing.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

One of the highlights of the British motor racing calendar. All four of Britain’s F1 drivers will be at Goodwood this year. Lewis Hamilton is tipped to show up on Sunday and Anthony Davidson will drive a 1987 Williams-Honda.

There’s supercars, current and classic race cars and loads of top drivers. It’s unmissable and Goodwood have put a few extra tickets on sale since Hamilton confirmed. Be quick!

DTM, Norisring

The German Touring Car Championship’s centrepiece event is the classic race around the streets of N????rnberg. If you haven’t seen it before, the Norisring includes sections of former Nazi parade grounds which are used instead as stadia.

The tight, fast street circuit often provokes great racing. Don’t miss it.

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British F3, Monza

The British Formula Three championship boasts a 34 car grid for its popular visit to the home of the Italian Grand Prix.

Marko Asmer may be running away with the championship – but Sam Bird in second place is going after him.

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BTCC, Oulton Park

Probably the most exciting touring car championship this year goes to one of Britain’s top tracks.

OK, I’m horrendously biased because I grew up near Oulton Park. But take a trip to the scenic ‘mini-N??rburgring’ in Cheshire and you’ll fall in love with the place too. Especially when there’s three action-packed BTCC races to watch.

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Champ Car World Series, Cleveland

Sebastian Bourdais made it look oh-so-easy once again at Portland. Another victory at Cleveland could put him well on the way to a fourth Champ Car title before his widely-anticipated switch to F1.

But former F1 racer Justion Wilson’s RSports team made a step forward at the last race and could yet take the fight to the Frenchman.

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Indy Racing League, Iowa

It’s bad enough that American open wheel racing has been decimated by the Champ Car-IRL split – do they really have to schedule races at the same time?

The battle for the IRL title is very close – early championship leader Dan Wheldon was taken out in the last race and will be aiming to get back on top at Iowa.

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What are you watching this weekend? Are you going to Goodwood?

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  1. You mean Sussex of course… not Surrey.

  2. That’s a good thing because I’m going there this weekend and could have ended up in the wrong place. Fixed it, thanks very much.

  3. Ah, you are going to have a great time – this is the first year I haven’t been for ages. I even have complimentary tickets for today but can’t go! dammit!

  4. and if you happen to be anywhere near Slovakia, DC will be driving his Red Bull through the streets of Bratislava on Saturday morning, around 10am

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