F1 in the blogs 32: US GP under threat

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There’s plenty in the F1 blogs this week about the future of the United States Grand Prix – don’t miss the Post of the Week below.

Plus a doctor reacts to the Kubica crash and the spotlight falls on Fernando Alonso as he struggles to get on terms with Lewis Hamilton.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

More thoughts on the future of the United States Grand Prix

It describes itself as ‘The Worst Sports Blog’ but in reality it’s very good indeed. Read this excellent feature on the future of the United States Grand Prix.

More F1 in the blogs

My ?ܣ0.02 on the problems surrounding Formula One in the United States – It seems lots of bloggers want to see F1 stay in the States – but there are obstacles to overcome.

What Happened To These Three? – Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard and Rubens Barrichello: Michael Schumacher’s former adversaries are not setting the pace in F1 now the champion is gone.

Lewis Hamilton is on fire! – Would Lewis Hamilton have got the same breaks in motor racing had he been an American? This writer isn’t sure.

2007 United States Grand Prix – The McLarens have gone 14 races without a retirement – astonishing given their past problems.

Coulthard frustrated, Schumacher continuing – Schumacher is making excuses as the pressure mounts at Toyota.

Motor racing safety – An NHS doctor reacts to the Robert Kubica crash.

Things move fast in Formula 1 – Sofa F1 reckons Fernando Alonso still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Exposing the myths – And F1 Voice has a few things to say about driver favouritism at McLaren.

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  1. Thanks for backing me on Road Atlanta on “The Worst Sports Blog”
    You are right about keeping the deer off the course as you mentioned previously (poor da Matta)but,that shouldn’t be too difficult I wouldn’t think.

  2. I’ve raced at Road Atlanta, from the drivers seat it is “fantastic”
    (Keith’s quote) but let’s be realistic…….Bernie would require a $100 million in ‘improvements’ before he’d bother with a personal on site inspection. But a street race in some dumpy Indian town …..

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