BTCC Oulton 2: Turkington’s split-second win

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BTCC Oulton Park race 2 startColin Turkington held Fabrizio Giovanardi back by a tiny margin to win the second race at Oulton Park. The Honda crossed the line 0.046s ahead of Giovanardi’s Vauxhall.

The track was wet for the second race and Oldhall corner produced its usual chaos. Dave Pinkney, Jason Hughes and Erkut Kizilirmak all collided on the first lap.

Tom Onslow-Cole slithered off at Cascades and race on winner Shedden’s race ended at the hairpin. It took seven laps behind the safety car to sort the mess out.

The race got underway again on lap eight – but not for longer. Gareth Howell tried to carry too much speed through Oldhall and slammed his Seat into the barrier.

Howell had been running seventh behind Jason Plato and his crash promoted Chris Stockton’s Lexus.

This brought the safety car out again, but in the brief moment of racing Mike Jordan was able to get past Mat Jackson.

The next restart on lap eleven was cleaner. Matt Neal hounded Giovanardi but couldn’t find a way around. Mat Jackson lost another place at the hairpin as he ran wide, letting Plato past.

Giovanardi soon got up to speed and was clearly faster than Turkington but couldn’t find a way around. Meanwhile Jordan moved past Neal to take third.

Turkington defended brilliantly on the final lap but Giovanardi drew alongside him as they rushed towards the line. The Italian failed to get ahead by 46 thousandths of a second – but he’s extended his championship lead again.

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