Debate: Will Renault win a race this year?

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It’s Renault’s home race this weekend but it doesn’t look as though a repeat of their 2005 victory is likely.

The team lies fourth in the constructors’ championships with 25 points. After seven rounds last year they led the championship with 91, 28 more than Ferrari.

Are last year’s champions going to end the year without a single victory to their name?

The introduction of Bridgestone control tyres this year has hurt Renault badly.

Last year on Michelins they were the pace setters for the first half of the season. After seven rounds this year they are yet to make it onto the podium.

The loss of word champion Fernando Alonso hasn’t helped. But the team’s technical strengths have also suffered – the days of Renaults making up positions off the start grid with superior traction are gone.

Giancarlo Fisichella has taken up the role of team leader, but having been further behind Alonso in 2006 than he was in 2005 questions will inevitably arise about whether the drivers are getting the most from the R27.

Rookie Heikki Kovalainen had a difficult start to the year, but with two good points finishes in the last two races, he may have made a breakthrough.

Can they score a victory this year?

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7 comments on “Debate: Will Renault win a race this year?”

  1. No. Struggling with the switch to Bridgestones? Funny, McLaren and BMW seem to be doing just fine, holding a respective third each of the top 3 teams now.

    Their time is gone- next season will be a worse struggle with Kovaleinen and Piquet the Junior; and 2009 might be their last season. Remember Ghosn wanted to fund them as long as they were putting up a good fight.

  2. It reminds me of Ferrari in 2005, if it wasnt for the US GP Ferrari and Michael would have gone the entire year without a race win!

    Renault have always been strong in making comebacks… Race wins I doubt but towards the final third of the season they will be contending for Podiums! I would put my money on Heikki doing well…

  3. Under normal circumstances it is unlikelly. Their gap to McLaren and Ferrari is too big and it would require 4 top cars to run into trouble to get a win. But few drops of rain or some safety cars and anything is possible.

  4. Not likely. Unless we see a race like Hungary ’06 or Brazil ’03. And I really don’t expect them to challenge BMW on a regular basis either. I can see renault competing for a podium if they get lucky. Nothng more

  5. Spa often gets chaotic with rain and Giancarlo Fisichella goes well there. I can quite easily foresee him winning that race. Heikki Kovalainen is improving, but his best result this year will probably be podiums rather than wins. Renault is improving, despite the less-than-promising start, and I believe they will continue to improve through the rest of this year.

  6. Robert McKay
    25th June 2007, 20:24

    Unlikely if the Mclarens are reliable. However, if Ferrari keep what looks like sliding backwards towards BMW, and Renault are definitely moving towards BMW, then maybe all three will end up at roughly the same pace in a couple more months.

  7. No. I believe Renault seem to be playing with the front of the backmarkers (moreso than BMW who probably -will- win one race eventually, though they seem to be doing a little better than Williams, if anyone wants to get some standings for evidence otherwise, feel free) and Renault need to make many changes if they want to get competitive again.

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