F1 in the blogs 33: Boring?

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Flavio Briatore, Renault, 2006, post seasonThis week in the Formula 1 blogs – why F1 isn’t boring. And, if you’re brave enough, a truly stomach-churning photograph of Flavio Briatore.

And a top F1 journalist turns blogger and discovers the joys of being flamed…

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Is F1 really boring? – I say No!
Sven at Downforce32 argues strongly against all those people – myself included sometimes – who call F1 boring.

More F1 in the blogs

Can Lewis Hamilton win his third GP in France? – The karting community thinks highly of the British star.

With compliments – Ever wondered what kind of perks an F1 journalist gets? Kevin Garside reveals all – and gets short shrift from a few unimpressed commenters.

Impressions (Not Facts) of the U.S. Grand Prix – First hand account of the United States Grand Prix from a disinterested onlooker.

Lewis Hamilton-First Black F1 Winner Wins Again in Indy – The piece isn’t as interesting as the fact that it appears on the blog, “Black Women in Europe” – which I suspect might not have had much interest in F1 before…

Just how fast is the new Honda? – And can the Brackley team get back among the points scorers?

Tires. Tyres. Le Tires – Moto GP is feeling the effects of the same tyre war that afflicted F1.

Oh… my… God – Flavio Briatore as you’ve never seen him before. Proceed with caution.

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