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Timo Glock, Andreas Zuber, GP2, Magny-Cours, 2007, 2Let’s hope tomorrow’s F1 race enjoys a cleaner start than the GP2 race that followed qualifying did (see video below).

First of all front row iSport team mates Timo Glock and Andreas Zuber drove straight into each other – Zuber’s car passing frighteningly close to Glock’s head.

But much worse came a few corners later as Venezuelan Ernesto Viso was tipped over the barrier at frightening speed.

Viso’s escape was every bit as fortunate as Robert Kubica’s in F1 two races ago. Despite barrel-rolling his car along the barrier he suffered only concussion. The accident was frightfully reminiscent of the terrible crash that claimed Marco Campos’s life in F3000 in 1995.

Ex-F1 driver Giorgio Pantano won the race after it was restarted an hour later.

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7 comments on “Shocking crash in F1 support race”

  1. That first incident was absolutely ridiculous, they just drove into each other like they crashed out on purpose.

    On the other crash, I can’t believe Ernesto Viso only suffered a concussion after that. Barrel Rolling, bringing down an advertising board, going the other side of the concrete barrier, and even piercing a fire extinguisher. It just shows the outstanding safety of modern single seaters.

  2. The first crash is the easily most rediculous thing I’ve ever seen two racing professionals do; the second was a testament to the safety of modern racing. It was like a snowboard grind at 100+mph!

  3. Nathan Jones
    1st July 2007, 3:28

    the start crash is made worse by the fact that they are teammates!

  4. What, you mean there were no team orders…? :O

  5. That second crash is unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like that before … he is one very lucky boy!

    As for the start – well, glad to see Glock’s driving has improved leaps and bounds since he left the F1 scene …


  6. Just seen the Viso crash. It takes incidents like that and the Kubica one to realise just how quick these cars are going and the energy involved. Lucky boy, but as anyone who saw him in F3 will testify a big one like that has been coming for a long, long time

  7. Greg Beckett
    1st July 2007, 22:14

    This is one thing that particularly disturbs me about Magny-Cours, the walls are terribly small. It’s not safe for the drivers with crashes like this and Campos before prime example of what can go wrong. It also provides little protection for the marshals with no catch fencing, and it’s amazing none of the marshals were injured in that incident. I’m glad F1 is leaving this track next season, and hopefully GP2 will follow suit.

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