3D video of Robert Kubica’s crash

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German television channel RTL have created this 3D video of Robert Kubica’s enormous 75g crash in the Canadian Grand Prix.

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7 comments on “3D video of Robert Kubica’s crash”

  1. A great illustration of how well the survival cell and anti-rollover hoop protected the driver whilst so much energy was absorbed (and released) elsewhere.

  2. 3D simulation of Kubica’s crash…

    F1Fanatic links to a simulation of Robert Kubica’s huge Montreal crash, created by RTL. An interesting watch, although the crash isn’t any less wince-inducing as a simulation.
    With Kubica’s crash, and Viso’s on Saturday, I&#8217…

  3. Reported 75g value cannot be correct. May 7.5g is what he may have experienced. Above 16g, he wouldn’t have survived.

  4. Plenty of people have survived impacts when the G forces were momentarily way above 16g. David Purley survived something in the order of 168g.

  5. In CART (now Champ Car) ex-F1 drivers like Mauricio Gugelmin and Mark Blundell survived crashes with G-forces measured in hundreds.

  6. the wheels flying around in high speed, that looks scary

  7. This message is for the massively ignorant Khurram. If you got your facts straight mate, you will find that David Purley endured 179.8g in a crash in Silverstone in 1977, and survived, so basically this portays you as an extremely ignorant person.

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