Pictures: Red Bull’s ‘Fans Car’

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These are the first pictures of Red Bull’s ‘Faces for Charity’ car – is your faces among the thousands of photographs on their Silverstone F1 car?

Here are pictures of the car. Leave a comment if you spot yourself on it!

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4 comments on “Pictures: Red Bull’s ‘Fans Car’”

  1. That is really stupid. Honda is to Global Warming as Red Bull is to Myspace.

  2. hey thanks a lot. i am still checking for my wife’s pic!

  3. Yepp! We’ve clearly spotted our photo in the 1st picture (Red Bull Fans Car – Image 1.

    … Great stuff! =)

  4. I was lucky enough to be invited down to a tour of the factory on the Tuesday before the GP, and then was whisked off to see the guys hard at work applying the stickers to the cars.

    With the French GP being the weekend before, it was a logistical nightmare and I’m sure they’ll be happy if Red Bull never do this again!

    Personally I thought that the cars looked good (for a one-off race at least), and still not as bad as the Hondas…

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