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In the F1 headlines this week – drug testing in F1, a new award for Jack Brabham, and tons more about Lewis Hamilton.

Plus, will McLaren be stripped of points in the Ferrari espionage scandal? Bernie Ecclestone has a few thoughts.

Soft tyres rapid in final stages – Why aren’t more drivers starting the race on the softer rubber?

Webber wants more dope tests – Mark Webber is concerned about drugs in Formula One.

Brabham voted Australia’s finest driver – Webber has a long way to go to match multiple champion Jack Brabham.

His life in the pits – Interview with former Benetton mechanic turned author and journalist Steve Matchett.

Harris is speedway’s Hamilton – You know your big when people start getting compared to you.

There’s only one Brit at the top of F1 – Bernie Ecclestone, not Lewis Hamilton.

If F1 can develop diversity, why can’t NASCAR? – The arrival of Hamilton in F1 throws the spotlight on other motor sports.

Death of friend brings perspective – Alonso – Among those killed in the helicopter crash at Magny-Cours was a friend of Fernando Alonso’s.

History in the making – Ethnic minority publications take an interest in Lewis Hamilton.

My sport – Sebastian Vettel – Interview with Germany’s newest F1 racer.

Hamilton will escape points deduction in ‘spy’ row, says Ecclestone – F1 head doesn’t think the espionage case will lead to points deductions. But is it too early to say?

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