Pictures from the British Grand Prix

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It’s the British Grand Prix weekend which means I’ve been able to go and take some pictures of my own for a change.

Here’s a selection of ten of my favourites so far:

The other home driver – Anthony Davidson

Formation Renaults

Red Bull in ‘classic’ livery

Faces for charity

McLarens – easier to shoot when stationary

Christian Klien: Stand in

Raikkonen on a roll

Toyota – fast on Friday

Heidfeld flying

Crowd favourite

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4 comments on “Pictures from the British Grand Prix”

  1. These pictures show you will have a great view for the race. I’ll be waiting for your comments when it is over. Being close to the action gives you the opportunity to see what the TV does not show.

    –Andre N.

  2. Great pics – pity they don’t come with sound… ;)

  3. Nice one, Keith. Hope you’re enjoying yourself at Silverstone – maybe I can go there next year…

  4. nice pics. did you happen to see the fans gathered at the BullShop when Coulthard was interviewed?

    hundreds of people turned up, i don’t think even David knew he was that popular! in fact so many people were there, the PA system couldn’t hope to keep up and half of the people couldn’t hear a word the guy was saying.

    DC in popularity shocker :)

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