GP2 Silverstone sprint: Home win for Carroll

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Adam Carroll grabbed the headlines at his second event back in a GP2 by winning the sprint race in fine style.

Just hours before Lewis Hamilton took to the track in his bid to win the British Grand Prix another British star was wrapping up a win. Carroll made a rapid start to hold second behind Pastor Maldonado.

Carroll hounded Maldonado for lap after lap until finally Maldonado ran too hard onto the kerb at Becketts. Carroll made repeated attempts to pass before finally getting around the outside of the Venezuelan at Abbey.

A charging Kazuki Nakajima almost took second off Maldonado in the dying stages but had to settle for third ahead of Lucas di Grassi, Mike Conway and Andreas Zuber.

Championship leader Timo Glock was out of luck again, racing through the field when he was taken ut by Adrian Zaugg at Priory. He has now failed to finish the last four races, the only consolation being that rival Luca Filippi also failed to score today.

It means Glock still leads the championships with 39 points, di Grassi moves up to second with 37 and Filippi has 35.

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