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Alain Menu repeated his wins from pole at Zandvoort and Pau with a third victory on the streets of Porto.

Chevrolet team mates Rob Huff and Nicola Larini completed the podium after an unsatisfying race dominated by a long safety car period.

The rolling start had been clean but after a few corners BMW team mates Augusto Farfus and Alessandro Zanardi tangled – Farfus punting Zanardi into a spin after an ill-judged passing move.

The well-drilled team of marshals recovered Zanardi’s car under yellow flags but a much bigger crash next time around was a bigger problem.

Emmet O’Brien speared into the barrier at turn 13 and Sergio Hernandez drove straight into the back of the Seat. Roberto Colciago hit Hernandez but was able to keep going.

Miguel Freitas and Maurizio Ceresoli were not so fortunate – they couldn’t find a way past the wreckage and came to a halt. With four cars stationary there was no option but to send out the safety car.

The race distance was extended from 11 to 13 laps, but it didn’t get re-started until lap eight.

The orders remained unchanged at the restart but Olivier Tielemans found the wall in his Alfa Romeo shortly after the race went green again.

The BMW trio of Andy Priaulx, Jorg Muller and Farfus ran seventh, eighth and ninth with Farfus desperately looking to pass to take a point and pole position for the next race.

Passing proved difficult around the street track but Tom Coronel ran into trouble on the final tour and lost fifth place to Yvan Muller’s Seat. Coronel just held on to sixth place ahead of the chasing BMWs.

Chevrolet completed a perfect 1-2-3 finish ahead of three Seats – Gabriele Tarquini, Yvan Muller and Coronel – and three BMWs – Priaulx, Jorg Muller and Farfus.

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