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Alonso fan, Silverstone, 2007As ever the British Grand Prix attracted fans of all drivers – and they’re not above showing their support in any was possible.

Here’s some pictures of the top banners and best-dressed fans at the British Grand Prix…

Alonso fans, Silverstone, 2007

Fernando Alonso’s flamenco fans

Alonso Who? Banner, Silverstone, 2007

But not everyone is impressed with the double world champion.

Coulthard fan, Silverstone, 2007

They must be supporting Britain’s David Coulthard.

Jenson and Lewis banner, Silverstone, 2007

Many British fans have shifted their allegiances.

Leeds United, Silverstone, 2007

The sole Premier 1 GP fan was in for a disappointment.

Raikkonen flag. Silverstone, 2007

The wind was being entirely unco-operative – any idea what this pro-Kimi flag says?

Robert Kubica banner, Silverstone, 2007

There was plenty of support for Robert Kubica.

Welcome home Lewis banner, Silverstone, 2007

Lewis Hamilton banner, Silverstone, 2007

Lewis Hamilton banner, Silverstone, 2007

But no prizes for guessing who’s the crowd favourite.

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  • 8 comments on “Banner-rama!”

    1. Hi!

      I’m very grateful that you have a photo of my Kimi flag. Yes, it’s the one with a message on it, and it says: “Keep Flying…Kimi! Love, Evenstar”. It was quite popular all weekend, it was shown on tv during qualifying and after the podium on Sunday! I’m a very happy girl :)

    2. Fantastic! I can’t believe you read this site what a coincidence!

      If you want a copy of the original pictures drop me an e-mail:

    3. Garry Minnikin
      9th July 2007, 20:07

      Hi love the pics, we were flying our Hamilton on the exit of copse when a steward came rould and asked everyone that had a flag flying to take it down. In fact he did not ask he told everyone in a not very nice manner. Sorry I thought if it was not for the fans then their would be no British Grand Prix. Everyone around us starting moaning to the official (including Ferrari fans) that it was ridiculous to ask someone to remove their flag.
      I will think long and hard before parting with my hard earned cash next year.

    4. That’s very strange I hadn’t heard about that happening to anyone. I take it the flags weren’t obscuring anyone’s view or anything?

    5. We were asked at a point to move our flag somewhere else where the view isn’t blocked, even if it’s just for a tv screen. But we made sure it wasn’t blocking where it was finally put up.

    6. Garry Minnikin
      9th July 2007, 22:36

      The only thing I can think is that people in corporate hospitality had complained but the flag was only 12 feet high, and from the angles of the TV screens it could not possibly have been in anyones way. I was quite pleased I had the support of the fans around and the flag stayed put.Did I complain about the guy behind that stood on his small step ladder and spoilt my view of the screen, no you just get on and enjoy the occasion.
      Also the steward that came along could have asked politely (which he certainly did not) instead he said in a very firm manner get the flag down now. As a regular at Silverstone I do know how to behave and will think hard before booking next year.

    7. I’m sorry mate about that, how off putting. Sometimes, I think that Silverstone is full of miserables facs (been there 3 times). But thankfully there were some nice folks around on Sunday. I was told by a fickle glory hunter fan to ‘get that Finnish flag ou of my face’ as I was waving it. I just laughed him off. The whole point of the grand prix is to enjoy yourself, no matter what. So what if a flag is waving for a driver, it’s part of the enjoyment.

      @Keith Collantine, here is a better photo of my flag:

      Is it possible for you to replace it with that one? :)

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