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Here’s four videos of F1 cars returning to action on the beautiful Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the first time since 2005.

The new track features revised corners at bus stop and La Source designed by the omnipresent Hermann Tilke.

Happily one of the greatest corners at F1’s best circuit – Eau Rouge – has been left intact, as these videos show.

The revised bus stop chicane – which had been changed as recently as 2004 – is expected to be a better venue for overtaking.

But the entrance to the pit stop has drawn criticism from drivers who feel it is too blind and narrow to be safe. The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association is asking for further changes to be made.

The spectacular plunge into Eau Rouge.

The ultra-fast sweep should be flat out in the V8 engined cars – F1 was still using more powerful V10s at its last visit in 2005.

The exit of Eau Rouge and Radillon, scene of a first-lap pile up in 2004.

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