F1 in the news 43: Ralf & Spa

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In the F1 news this week Pitpass catch out Ralf Schumacher, Honda signs new staff and we’re not going to be banned from using the phrase ‘F1’.

Which is a relief.

Motor racing-BMW chief designer Zander moving to Honda – Honda’s recruitment drive continues as they nabbed BMW’s Jorg Zander, formerly of Williams. BMW have since taken out a full page advert in Autosport looking for a new chief designer.

MSA use Hamilton factor – The Motor Sport Association has started a new initiative to get more young people into motor sport, off the back of Lewis Hamilton’s high-profile successes.

Carroll stays focused on Formula One goal – Adam Carroll returned to GP2 in place of ex-F1 racer Antonio Pizzonia. He won in his fourth race back and now has his sights set even higher.

Formula One and F1 – Formula One Licensing’s efforts to trademark the term ‘F1’ have failed. I have to say I’m quite glad about that one.

What was that about Spa, Ralf? – A sharp-eyes journalist at Pitpass spotted Ralf Schumacher lavishing praise on Spa-Francorchamps, a circuit he’d criticised a few years earlier.

RBS Grand Prix Challenge – A fun, free online F1 game – thanks to Andy Poulton for the tip.

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