F3 Euro Mugello 2: Mailleux edges out Grosjean

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Franck Mailleux took his first win the the F3 Euroseries in the second race at Mugello, with race one winner Romain Grosjean battling through to second.

A first lap incident eliminated James Jakes, Michael Patrizi, Filip Salaquarda and Basil Shaaban. It also saw Dani Clos jump into the lead and hold off a string of cars for lap after lap, before he fell back to finish 11th.

Mailleux took the lead on lap 12 and quickly left Clos behind. Grosjean made a smart move to pass Renger van der Zanda and Clos and move into second, with van der Zande grabbing the final place on the podium shortly after.

Kamui Kobayashi finished fourth ahead of Sebastien Buemi, who falls further behind Grosjean in the championship.

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