F1 in the news 44: Labour, Tories & Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Silverstone, 3Not only are the two main political parties in Britain trying to claim credit for Lewis Hamilton, he’s even got his own poem now.

Happily the newspapers have remembered there are other British drivers and the Daily Mail has interviewed Anthony Davidson. Plus Martin Brundle has a go at Toyota and US commentators ponder the loss of their Grand Prix.

Steer clear of political predators, Lewis – How the British political parties are fighting over claims to Hamilton’s fame.

How Formula One’s ‘Eddie the Eagle’ puts life into perspective – The Daily Mail talks to Anthony Davidson

Brundle slams F1’s strugglers – Driver-turned-commentator Martin Brundle questions what Toyota are doing and why Spyker are bothering.

Turkish upgrade on the cards for Red Bull – Mark Webber and David Coulthard to get revised RB3.

F1 may return to Indy – but on MotoGP track – As predicted here earlier any future F1 events at Indianapolis would most likely be held on a revised version of the track omitting the banked turn.

Pulling out of the United States a mistake for F1 – More comment from the US.

Poetry in motion: Ode to F1 ace – Lewis Hamilton gets his own poem.

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  1. Just to remind everybody that today (Saturday) 21st July 2007 is the 50th Anniversary of the first Formula 1 Grand Prix win for a British Car – The Place:Aintree; The Car:Vanwall VW1;The Drivers: Sir Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks. This was the beginning of todays 50 year dominance of the motor sport industry by British Companies which started with Tony Vandervell’s bank-rolling of the development of the Vanwall closely followed by Cooper, Lotus, BRM and as they say, the rest is history.

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