Video: Hamilton uninjured in qualifying crash (updated)

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Nurburgring, 2007, practiceThe final part of qualifying for the European Grand Prix was stopped by a 150mph crash involving Lewis Hamilton.

The Briton hit the barriers hard at the Schumacher S after an apparent failure at the front right of the car, seemingly within the wheel assembly. See below for the video.

A wisp of smoke came out of the front right of the car before the McLaren skipped across the gravel bed hard and hit the tyre barrier.

McLaren later confirmed that the wheel gun failed to attached the wheel to the car correctly at Hamilton’s pit stop before the lap began and that seems to have been the cause of the crash.

Hamilton was stretchered away from the accident scene but was able to wave to the crowd. The medical centre confirmed he was conscious and talking and Ron Dennis subsequently confirmed he had suffered no injuries.

It will confirmed tomorrow (Sunday) whether he will race. Hamilton remained conscious during the accident, which is understood to be a positive sign. He said afterwards: “I feel fine for the race. So fingers crossed.”

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  • 4 comments on “Video: Hamilton uninjured in qualifying crash (updated)”

    1. What on earth is going on with his legs after he hits the barrier? It looks like he’s driving a pedal car.

    2. Ben Goldberg
      22nd July 2007, 0:32

      I think he was probably testing them to make sure they were ok.

    3. Looking at the footage, I see his front tyre blew. Has anything been said why it went?
      A lot is said how boring F1 can be, but this just shows how the slightest thing goes on the car and the car is in a thousand pieces.

    4. McLarens right front wheel and Nurburgring are not the best of friends

      2005, Nurburgring, Kimi Raikkonen, right front suspension failure (flatspotted tyre, mad vibrations)

      Two years on, same track, same team, same wheel, different driver … This time tyre gun did not work …

      Both times the drivers were very very lucky (and that includes Button in 2005)

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