Photographer wants ??1,300 for Senna death photos

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An Italian photographer is trying to sell 29 unpublished photographs of Ayrton Senna’s fatal accident for ??1,300.

The pictures appeared on the Italian eBay site for ??2,000 (USD $2,760), the seller offering two and a half times as much for an immediate sale.

It’s doubtful that these pictures, taken as the medical team arrived on the scene of the crash at Imola, can give any insight into the question why Senna crashed in the first place.

Sadly this just looks like someone trying to make easy money out of a terrible accident. I hope he doesn’t find a buyer. And I’m certainly not linking to his wretched auction.

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One comment on “Photographer wants ??1,300 for Senna death photos”

  1. If,by one side,you’re right about this man that’s trying to sell the photos,by another side I think that’s better to see Ayrton Senna’s real photos than some that are in the Internet of Roland Ratzenberger dead as being Senna.
    Surely aren’t good images but take definitively any doubts about how was him when died,doing the controversy over finaly.

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