F1 Racing’s driver rankings look familiar…

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I opened up this week’s F1 Racing magazine to discover their rankings of the drivers’ performances so far this year look pretty similar to my own that I posted last week.

F1 Racing polled 28 top F1 personalities on their opinions to compile their list, including Martin Brundle, Flavio Briatore, Keke Rosberg, Jody Scheckter, Pat Symonds, Jean Todt, Christian Klien and Tiago Monteiro.

I sat down with a pad of paper and had a think for a bit. Here’s how they compared…

The biggest differences were Rubens Barrichello (who they rated three places higher), David Coulthard (who I rated three places higher) and Sebastian Vettel (who was very hard to place given that’s he’d only started once).

23. Christijan Albers (F1 Racing: 23)
22. Scott Speed (21)
21. Ralf Schumacher (22)
20. Vitantonio Liuzzi (20)
19. Adrian Sutil (19)
18. Anthony Davidson (18)
17. Takuma Sato (12)
16. Rubens Barrichello (13)
15. Alexander Wurz (16)
14. Sebastian Vettel (17)
13. Jenson Button (15)
12. Heikki Kovalainen (14)
11. Mark Webber (9)
10. Giancarlo Fisichella (8)
9. Jarno Trulli (10)
8. David Coulthard (11)
7. Robert Kubica (7)
6. Nico Rosberg (6)
5. Nick Heidfeld (4)
4. Kimi Raikkonen (5)
3. Felipe Massa (3)
2. Fernando Alonso (2)
1. Lewis Hamilton (1)

Photo: Charles Coates/LAT Photographic

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5 comments on “F1 Racing’s driver rankings look familiar…”

  1. That’s paddock consensus for you. They have to inform it on something, and it’s nice to see you were so close to what the insiders think was the order of merit ;)

    And of course there was no need to pay £4.10 to see your list…

  2. Even bigger: they placed Sato a full five places ahead of your reckoning.

  3. Ah yes I overlooked that… What do you think? Too low or too high?

  4. Too low. I like 12th more than 17th for Taku. Those 4 points were achieved through hard work… And although he still has some silly errors, he’s had more good drives this year than bad ones.

  5. Both Super Aguri drivers could improve themselves by hiring a race manager who knows how to QUALIFY. Now that’s a statement….the employees hiring a boss…..but that team has got to learn how to qualify and a junior team doesn’t do it by sitting in the pits 8 minutes of a 15 minute session.
    Vettel 14 or 17? Thumbs down on that! I’m glad to see Massa over Kimi. He really is better, but he’s been plauged by some bad luck, an early grid penalty for an engine change, a stall at the start the rain today but when he’s in front he’s untouchable. The rest ….. good work Keith!

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