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Lewis Hamilton will race in today’s European Grand Prix.

The FIA medical team agreed that he had suffered no major ill effects from his 140mph crash at the Schumacher S yesterday.

Hamilton will start the race from tenth on the grid, the first time he has started outside the top four in his rookie season thus far.

Fernando Alonso started the French Grand Prix from tenth three weeks ago and finished fourth. It will be fascinating to see what Hamilton can do from the same place. But the Briton will have the added uncertainty of knowing his crash yesterday was caused by a mechanical failure.

His mental strength so far has been rock-solid – but will the crash have undermined his confidence?

In GP2 at the Nurburgring last year he took a dominant win from pole position in the feature race, winning by 20 seconds despite having receiving a drive-through penalty. He followed that up with a win from eighth in the sprint race.

He also won one of the F3 Euroseries races here in 2005, coincidentally beating Sebastian Vettel by 20 seconds.

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