Video: Murray on Alonso’s last-gasp pass

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For those of you who weren’t able to tune into Radio 5 yesterday, here’s the end of Murray Walker’s commentary on the European Grand Prix.

It covers the last ten minutes of the race, including Fernando Alonso’s great pass on Felipe Massa, plus Lewis Hamilton’s desperate bid to score a point.

Whether you like Murray or not I’m sure you’ll find this interesting:

Video not working? Let us know.

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6 comments on “Video: Murray on Alonso’s last-gasp pass”

  1. Robert McKay
    23rd July 2007, 16:53

    I started the race with ITV on mute and Radio 5 Live with Murray commentating. Was really enjoying it but because they kept going to Carnoustie for the Open it ruined the flow and I eventually reverted to Allen and Brundle. Nie to see/hear this video, wish I’d stuck with it more.

  2. same here Robert. we’re off to watch the remainder of the races in the cinema. the commentary may not be great but at least there’s no flippin’ golf.

  3. pity that formula one management have claimed copyright over this clip and had it removed before I had a chance to hear muzza do his stuff – keep trying to post more copies on you tube!

  4. Nathan Jones
    24th July 2007, 8:33

    FOM sure know how to promote thier product!

  5. Shame the video’s gone. Anyway, if you still want to hear Murray, the Five Live website still has the GP in their archive. Just look for it under the Sport section.

  6. I taped Murray’s commentary for both qualifying and the race because my music centre is difficult to carry into the living room. Unfortunately I do not know how to get my tapes onto digital format. A pity, because the Murray bits are great.

    That said, Radio Five did seem to have a strange sense of priorities. Every time I went upstairs to swap the tape around, they were talking about the Open. Somehow, the consequences of a wet Open don’t sound quite as extreme as the consequences of a wet Nurburgring…

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