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The great Mercedes advert was on television again yesterday evening and it put me in the mind of another great F1 television advert – a young Damon Hill with Murray Walker in the Pizza Hut ad.

Like the advert with Fernando Alonso and Damon Hill, it works well because the pair are clearly entering into the spirit of what they’re doing, and the script is funny and tightly written. Hill’s acting isn’t that bad the Pizza Hut advert, Murray is.. well… Murray. And Alonso’s choreographed (?) trip on Hamilton in their advert made me laugh.

Here’s the Pizza Hut advert and, if you haven’t seen them yet, the Mercedes advert and the making of it.

There’s also a selection of ten of the best recent F1 TV adverts.

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4 comments on “Video: A classic F1 advert”

  1. Heh,good one.Thanks.The first time I have seen that advert.Been watching it over and over again.

    “Finishes second again.”


  2. Ah yes, good advert!

    The bit where he gets pizza vs pasta wrong is great as well.

    Though it’s missing the start of the advert where Murray stops walking and Damon walks into him causing Murray to exclaim “there’s been a shunt!” or something like that.

  3. Ah, watching that ad again sure brings the memories back! It was great to see it again.

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