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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren Mercedes, Nurburgring, qualifying, 2Lewis Hamilton is to feature on a new Hornby Scalextric. But will the sets come with real life cranes for pulling Hamilton (and only Hamilton) out of the barriers?

The FIA apparently decided that controversial move was legal, but the other scandal involving McLaren – the espionage intrigue – could see Fernando Alonso leave the team.

All this is covered in the F1 news this week plus why Nelson Piquet Jnr turned down the Spyker drive and more speculation on the 2008 F1 calendar.

FIA: Hamilton crane lift move was legal – The FIA apparently gave the thumbs-up to Lewis Hamilton’s controversial trip on a crane that provoked furious debate.

McLaren to lose Alonso – Spy case could be catalyst for Spaniard to leave the team he joined at the beginning of the year.

BIC dismisses ‘first race’ speculation – The Australian Grand Prix organisers claimed that Bahrain will hold the first race of 2008, but the Asian circuit denied this.

Buemi looks to get mileage for F1 super licence – The Swiss first drove an F1 car when he was 15, but still needs track time to get his super licence.

Alonso cools F1 title hat-trick talk – The Spaniard is closer than ever to becoming the third driver to win three consecutive championships.

From F1 to fish tanks – Interview with a former McLaren mechanic.

Piquet spurned Spyker – Renault test driver Nelson Piquet Jnr, runner-up to Hamilton in GP2 last year, turned down the chance to race for Spyker this year following the dismissal of Christijan Albers. Sakon Yamamoto has taken the drive instead.

Climate change fears hit F1 racing – CNN on F1’s green plans.

Formula 1 boss agrees to hold French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours in 2008 – In a remarkable U-turn it seems that not only will there be a French Grand Prix next year but it will still be at the Nevers circuit that Bernie Ecclestone so profoundly dislikes.

Yamamoto returns ‘home’ as he secures Spyker F1 driver – Yamamoto returns to the team he test drove for in 2005, when it was Jordan.

Hear the howl of F1 engines – in Sandton – Renault take their 2007 tour to South Africa.

Hornby signs F1 sensation – Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to appear on Scalextric sets.

Ted’s Nurburgring notebook – ITV-F1 reporter Ted Kravitz brings more insights from the Nurburging. Felipe Massa wasn’t the only driver paying tribute to the victims of the Congonhas air crash in Sau Paulo – so was fellow Paulista Rubens Barrichello as well as Red Bull drivers David Coulthard and Mark Webber.

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